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How it Works

For Sellers

Market your property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to a WORLDWIDE audience.Virtual tours of the whole of your property mean no more days off work, waiting for viewers.

The property will be marketed in the most transparent manner possible and will include a Home Information Pack (compulsory from 1 June 2007) and a Home Condition Report.

Typically your property will be marketed for a 27 day period during which potential buyers will have the chance to take advantage of our unique ?Buy it Now!? facility; whereby they agree to purchase the property at a set price decided by you! If a buyer uses this then it forms a binding contract and they must complete within a mutually agreed timescale.During the 27 day period, interested, potential buyers can still make an offer below the ?Buy it Now!? price, which you may even decide to accept.

In the event of the property not selling during the 27 day marketing period then it will enter a 24 hour auction during which interested parties will have the opportunity to bid for your property. After 24 hours provided the winning bidder has exceeded the reserve price set by you then this bid becomes binding and you must complete within a mutually agreed timescale.

In the event of the reserve price not being met then you have the choice of whether to remarket the property again or to withdraw from the market.No fee is payable unless you sell.

For Buyers

You can view property from all over the UK from the comfort of your own home and if you like what you see you can buy it there and then!Full transparency means you can take a 365degree virtual tour of the whole of the property. You will be able to access the home information pack, and every property coming on to our site from 1 June 2007 will include a home condition report.

In the event of you deciding to ?Buy it Now!? at the set price, this forms a binding contract as soon as you register on the website and lodge a 1,000 bond with your Solicitor. You will then be required to complete within a mutually agreed timescale.

If you are interested in the property but not at the ?Buy it Now!? price you have the opportunity to register your details on the site and place a non binding offer, (you never know, this may tempt the seller). Alternatively you may wish to wait for the auction to commence, normally on the 28th day of marketing. As long as you have registered your details on the site and lodged the 1,000 bond with your Solicitors then you are free to bid in the auction.

If you have the highest bid and you have exceeded the reserve price then you have a binding purchase and must complete within a mutually agreed timescale.

In the event of you being unsuccessful at this auction, don?t worry; your 1,000 bond is fully refundable or you may wish to leave it in place and register to bid on another property.